Are You Living the Reiki Principles?

I find that the five Reiki principles of Dr. Usui helps us to attain a higher standard and therefore, attain a higher version of ourselves.” As Reiki professionals I believe that we are called to live by a higher standard, one of love, understanding and compassion for our fellow human beings. In today’s world weContinue reading “Are You Living the Reiki Principles?”

Are you ready for cold and flu season?

I can feel the change in the weather as we move into the harvest season. Fall weather brings cold and flu season. For those of us with autoimmune issues, this can be a trying time. We try our best to stay healthy but it’s a constant battle. We eat healthier, try and get plenty ofContinue reading “Are you ready for cold and flu season?”

Are you finding it difficult to keep your inner peace?

With everything going on today it can seem like a daunting task to keep ourselves in a state of inner peace and calm. If we turn on the T.V. we see violence, slander and hatred. The same thing happens when we get online and scroll through social media. We’re being bombarded with so much negativeContinue reading “Are you finding it difficult to keep your inner peace?”