Healthy Eating

Does it matter what we eat?

Some people believe they can continue to eat anything they like and it won’t make a difference in how they feel. Take my doctor, for instance. When I told her I wanted to use diet changes to try and help with my disease and it’s effects on my body, she wasn’t impressed. In fact, I felt rather disappointed as I left her office. Disappointed because she didn’t think it would make a difference and she offered no encouragement. She actually discouraged me by telling me that diet hasn’t been proven to make a difference. I was not to be deterred. I was determined to make a difference in my health through diet changes. I was challenged.

What diet changes did I make?

As someone who suffers with autoimmune disease, I’ve had to make a lot of diet changes. It’s a process of elimination. I have learned through trial and error what I can, and cannot eat. There are certain foods that cause flare-ups. If you search the web, you will find massive amounts of information about what foods are known to cause flare-ups. Sugar is a huge one. I try and steer clear of anything with refined sweeteners in it. They make me feel horrible and too much of it can bring on that flare. There are certain foods that won’t necessarily cause a flare but may cause other problems. Problems like abdominal discomfort or digestive issues. For instance, over the years I have discovered that I can’t eat gluten or dairy. When I do it causes my digestive system a lot of distress. I have learned that by omitting them from my diet I can feel better more often.

Did diet change cure my disease?

Don’t get me wrong, diet change is not a cure, but it has been helpful in reducing inflammation and discomfort. Since starting my journey towards a healthier diet, I have made a marked difference in the effects of my autoimmune disease.

Is diet change necessary?

Is diet change necessary? For me, yes. It has made a substantial difference in the way I feel from day to day. Do I always stick to it? No, not always. But that’s ok because I still feel the benefits. I stick to it most of the time and that’s enough to make a difference.

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