Essential Oils

Essential oils play an important part in the holistic healing approach. We use oils to help us relax, sleep, treat illnesses and even for creating pleasant aromas for the home.

Here is a list of common essential oils and their uses:


Lavender has several uses. Primarily, it’s used as a de-stressor or sleep aid. But did you know that Lavender is also an anti-fungal and anti-viral? It can be used as a pain reliever and muscle relaxer as well. I have created my own lavender body spray by mixing lavender oil and distilled water in a spray bottle. I use it every morning after my shower to help keep my muscles more relaxed throughout my busy day. I use it in a warm bath with Epsom salts at night to help ease muscle spasms and give me a better night’s sleep. If you’re not into the bath, try a hot cup of Lavender tea before bed.


Peppermint is awesome! It works as an anti-inflammatory, expectorant, and an antiseptic. It is also used to aid in the relief of upset stomach, migraines, cold symptoms, and muscle aches. I mix peppermint oil and eucalyptus oil into some coconut oil and use it as a topical muscle relaxer. I use it instead of things like icy hot. I always have a bottle of peppermint oil on hand because you just never know when you’re going to need it.


Rose works as a sleep aid, anti-depressant, and headache relief. Rose also helps to support the liver.


Lemon is used as an expectorant, anti-infectious, and anti-viral. It is used to treat cold and flu symptoms and aid in digestion.


Sandalwood is used as a relaxant, anti-bacterial, and decongestant. It is used to treat insomnia, cough, depression, and stress.

Tea Tree:

Tea Tree is an anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-microbial. It is used to treat muscle pain, colds, wounds, and skin diseases.


Frankincense is an antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, anti-depressant, sedative, expectorant and astringent. It is used to treat anxiety, insomnia, irritability, and colds.


Eucalyptus is an analgesic, anti-viral, anti-septic, decongestant, and anti-inflammatory. It is used to treat skin infections, muscle pain, headaches, colds, and flu. It also works as an insect repellant-spiders don’t like it!

There are many varieties of essential oils available and most of them have several uses. Essential oils are my go-to when I need relief from any kind of pain or illness. I always try my oils before going to the medicine cabinet for some pharmaceutical remedy. Of course, if it’s an emergency of some kind I treat it as such.

If you’re unsure about which essential oil brands are putting out quality oils has done some research for you. You can find some helpful information about some essential oil brands on their page:

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