Do you dream of change in 2021?

Wow, the new year is already upon us. Who isn’t relieved that 2020 is coming to an end? With everything we’ve endured this year it has certainly been a hard one to navigate. I don’t know about you, but keeping my focus and staying at peace was a struggle among all the upheaval. There wereContinue reading “Do you dream of change in 2021?”

Are You Living the Reiki Principles?

I find that the five Reiki principles of Dr. Usui helps us to attain a higher standard and therefore, attain a higher version of ourselves.” As Reiki professionals I believe that we are called to live by a higher standard, one of love, understanding and compassion for our fellow human beings. In today’s world weContinue reading “Are You Living the Reiki Principles?”

What about our food?

Ok, I know a lot of people won’t want to hear this, but what we put in our mouths does make a difference. In todays world we’re inundated with so many food options but are they all good options? Absolutley not! We’ve become a society focused on convenience. We want everything now and we don’tContinue reading “What about our food?”

Will Reiki help my autoimmune disease?

Not everyone is aware of Reiki and the benefits it can offer. Reiki helps to fascilitate healing in our bodies. When we recieve Reiki on a daily basis it can effect our over-all health and well-being. I was rescently blind-sided by some unexpected health issues. Being someone with autoimmune disease, I sometimes have flare-ups. I’dContinue reading “Will Reiki help my autoimmune disease?”

Are you finding it difficult to keep your inner peace?

With everything going on today it can seem like a daunting task to keep ourselves in a state of inner peace and calm. If we turn on the T.V. we see violence, slander and hatred. The same thing happens when we get online and scroll through social media. We’re being bombarded with so much negativeContinue reading “Are you finding it difficult to keep your inner peace?”