Meet Annie (That’s me!)

I am a happy person with an upbeat personality and a positive view of life. I began my journey with Reiki years ago. I had been dealing with autoimmune issues for many years with almost no relief. I had made changes to my lifestyle hoping for relief. I not only changed my way of eating , but I also changed my job. While these changes helped, they didn’t relieve all of my pain and my symptoms continued to worsen. I had been living with the physical pain of autoimmune disease and fibromyalgia for so long that it had become the norm.

I was searching desperately for an answer to my problem. Why was there nothing doctors could do other than give me a pill that came with a whole new set of symptoms? There had to be more help available and I was determined to find it. That’s when I found an opportunity to study Reiki and it’s healing benefits. I loved every minute of it. I’m not completely healed but after studying and experiencing Reiki for myself I became a true believer in the benefits of Reiki. I have found some much-needed relief.

I firmly believe in what this wonderful practice can do for the human mind, body, and spirit. The changes in my perception and attitude regarding life have been phenomenal. Reiki has had a profound impact on how I now live, completely changing my lifestyle. I now live by the principles of Reiki, giving myself Reiki treatments and meditating daily.

I have found that my pain diminishes when I diligently practice Reiki on myself. With Reiki, I have also successfully relieved headaches and other minor ailments. I believe that Reiki is capable of having a profound effect on the human body. In fact, I believe in Reiki so much that I have gone on to study both Crystal Reiki and Quantum Reiki. I have continued my education by not only taking additional courses in Reiki but also taking courses in Art Therapy, Coaching and Shamanism.

Reiki has been so beneficial to me that I want to share it with others. That’s why I created this website.


I am a creative person, loving anything that has to do with using my imagination. I have a passion for art and love creating artwork with a message. If you visit my artist’s website:, you will be able to browse my galleries and view some of my statement pieces.

I love wildlife and would like to help preserve it. It breaks my heart to see the cruel ways in which animals are often-times treated, bringing them to the brink of extinction. I have created several art pieces to bring awareness to wildlife preservation and am a big supporter of wildlife organizations (like wildaid).

I have an intolerance for abuse of any kind and am willing to take a stand against such atrocities. I created the art piece titled “Silent Cries” to bring awareness to child sexual abuse and human trafficking. I avidly support organizations (like Thorn) that strive to bring awareness to this problem and diligently work towards finding a solution.

* * *

~Annie Sylling currently lives in sunny North Carolina with a very supportive husband who puts up with all of her weird idiosyncrasies.

~She has exhibited her artwork in Portland Oregon, Kings Mountain North Carolina and NYC.

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