Do you dream of change in 2021?

photo credit pexels

Wow, the new year is already upon us. Who isn’t relieved that 2020 is coming to an end? With everything we’ve endured this year it has certainly been a hard one to navigate. I don’t know about you, but keeping my focus and staying at peace was a struggle among all the upheaval. There were times when I questioned our very exsistence, I wondered how long it would be before we ourselves would become extinct, and by our own hands. Watching the fighting and the division around the world certainly was not encouraging.

The question for 2021? Will we come together or will we remain divided and do to ourselves what we’ve done to numerous other species? Will we render ourselves extinct because we refuse to live peaceably? Because we refuse to acknowledge what we’re doing to our own planet?

We live on a beautiful planet that we are destroying. We are the only species I know that destroys it’s own habitat. We call ourselves more intelligent and more evolved than other species inhabiting the earth, but we continue to behave in a way that indicates otherwise. We’ve tipped the scales of balance in nature driving our wildlife to extinction. We stand on the precipice now, looking into the abyss. Will we leap into the abyss continuing in our ignorance, or will we opt for change?

photo credit pexels

The human race has been one of hate, greed, and destruction all in the name of religion or progress. If something is in our way we destroy it. If someone doesn’t look like we do, think like we do, or have the same belief system we do, we hate them. We judge what we do not understand, condemning others without seeking to know them. Every group, believing that their way is the only way, not realizing, that we all have our own beliefs, and we live according to that belief.

As we live our lives we must do it with respect for those that we share our planet with. We must also do it with an open heart and without being closed off to knew revelations and ideas so that growth can occur. It’s when we become rigid, closed off to knew ideas, and resistant to change that we become hateful and divisive.

Will we choose to stop the madness in 2021? And how do we stop the madness and bring peace to our world? I believe it starts within each and every one of us. As individuals seeking peace and love we can project that out into the world. When we choose to live a life of love and peace it will cause a ripple effect and touch the lives others.

Photo by Nick Bondarev from Pexels

This is a crucial time for us. I believe it’s a time when self-reflection and meditation are more beneficial than ever. And more needed then ever. Keeping up with our self-practice brings change in us and ripples out to the rest of the world. Keeping up with our self-practice helps to change the world. If we can walk in peace, shining our light of love to the rest of creation, we make a huge difference, whether we realize it or not. More and more people are waking up and recognizing what’s happening in our world. I believe this is due to the fact that our energy is emmenating outward. We are effecting the majority with our individual growth.

My prayer for 2021 is that we will see a complete reversal in attitudes and people will come together and stop the division, that we as a species will recognise and ackowledge what we’ve done to our planet and seek to change it. That we will all work together in unity to preserve the gift that we have in our planet earth. That we will seek to preserve peace, unity and individuality.

What is your dream for 2021?


~Annie šŸ’—

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