Are You Living the Reiki Principles?

I find that the five Reiki principles of Dr. Usui helps us to attain a higher standard and therefore, attain a higher version of ourselves.”

As Reiki professionals I believe that we are called to live by a higher standard, one of love, understanding and compassion for our fellow human beings.

In today’s world we see so much that goes against these standards, sometimes even within our own profession. I know we are all human and we all fall short, as the saying goes…”to err is human.” We can’t expect perfection from each other, but we most assuredly can expect, that we are consistently seeking to become a better version of ourselves.

I find that the five Reiki principles of Dr. Usui helps us to attain a higher standard and therefore, attain a higher version of ourselves. Living by these principles is what keeps us accountable. It’s a checks and balance system where we can examine ourselves and our motives.

The five principles that Master Usui lived by are one of the first things we are taught when learning Reiki. They are as follows:

Self-practice keeps us operating at our highest potential.”
  • Just for Today, Do not be angry.
  • Just for Today, Do not worry.
  • Just for Today, be Grateful.
  • Just for Today, work with diligence.
  • Just for Today, be kind to people.

-Dr. Usui

We are also taught to keep with a daily self-practice to keep ourselves grounded and balanced. Keeping with a daily self-practice makes these principles easier to carry out. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been able to keep my cool in difficult situations because of my self-practice. This is because I am grounded and in touch with my higher self and my higher purpose. My focus is where it should be- on the greater good.

If we’re not keeping with a self-practice we are more likely to fail in keeping with the Usui principles. We are more easily distracted and lose focus. We’re doing our clients a disservice if we are not taking the time for daily self-practice. It keeps us operating at our highest potential and gives us better perspective. If we don’t have a self practice, then we’re not operating at our highest potential, which enable us to better serve our clients.

Neglecting self-practice prevents us from providing our clients with the Reiki sessions they deserve, sessions of greater impact and sessions that are of the highest benefit. Keeping a proper mind-set is something we work on in our daily self-practice. Without self-practice it’s harder to keep an attitude of compassion, gratitude and peace. How can we provide the highest possible service to our clients, if we have not first taken care of ourselves, to make sure we are coming from a place of compassion, light and love?

If we, as practitioners, truly believe in Reiki as a healing modality, we should then be living it ourselves, by keeping with a consistent self-practice and living the Reiki principles. There’s no such thing as “I don’t have the time.” If you’re seeing clients and you have a growing reiki practice, you need your self-practice more than ever. Reiki is like any other gift or practice, the more you put it to use, the stronger it becomes, and the bigger impact you can make with it.

As a Reiki professional I want to make a greater positive impact for people, and for the world as a whole. I believe that, in seeking to keep ourselves operating at our highest potential, living our highest version, we are doing a greater work in this world and setting a higher standard for others to follow.

As we go out into the world today may we be slow to anger, be without worry, be grateful, be diligent in our work and be kind to all people.

Have a blessed day!

“Namaste” 😁

~Annie 💗

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