What about Essential Oils?

Today I want touch on some of the benefits of essential oils, especially when dealing with the pain associated with autoimmune disease. Autoimmune disease can cause muscle pain and joint pain that can make ordinary tasks seem daunting. Even getting dressed can become a challenge.

I have found that essential oils can play a big part in relieving some of the pain associated with my autoimmune disease. My hope is that you’ll find some of this information helpful in dealing with your own issues.

This past week I had a job to do that was a challenge for my body physically. I was painting a logo on a wall which required looking up a lot and was causing some stress to my neck. I had already started the day with a headache and neckache so I was concerned that I wouldn’t be able to work the following day.

Much too my surprise I felt better the next day upon waking. What had I done to produce this effect? Well, I did take my essential oils. Clove and On Gaurd, to be specific. On Gaurd is a proprietary blend providing a natural and effective immune support when used internally. It promotes healthy immune functioning. Clove has great antioxident properties and helps support cardiovascular health. I took a drop of each of these the day of my headache when I began the work.

Upon waking the next day and being profoundly surprised by feeling better, I decided to also use my eucalyptus/peppermint oil rub that I make for sore muscles. I knew I was going to be working at that wall again and I wanted to be sure I felt as good as possible. That did the trick, I felt really good all day.

Essential oils have been a major help to me in dealing with the issues associated with my autoimmune disease. I love them so much I’ve opened my own doTERRA account. They’re the only ones I know that create On Guard and Breathe, two proprietary blends that I use frequently. I think I would be lost without these blends. They’ve offered me some much needed relief when there was none to be found elsewhere. In the future I may consider becoming one of their wellness advocates.

Sorry if this sounds like a sales pitch, but I can’t begin to express just how much these oils have really helped. If you don’t have access to doTERRA you could try experimenting with what you do have available, just make sure they’re a high quality oil. I’m sure you can find something that works for you and your specific needs. Do some research on which oils are beneficial for your own health issues and start cautiously experimenting (you may want to consult your physician). You may be pleasantly surprised! It sure beats taking a pill every time you’re feeling that pain. It can help prevent that pain from even showing up.

Happy researching and experimenting! 🙂


~Annie 💗

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