Will Reiki help my autoimmune disease?

Not everyone is aware of Reiki and the benefits it can offer. Reiki helps to fascilitate healing in our bodies. When we recieve Reiki on a daily basis it can effect our over-all health and well-being.

I was rescently blind-sided by some unexpected health issues. Being someone with autoimmune disease, I sometimes have flare-ups. I’d been doing quite well for some time though, and completely took it for granted. I’ll never do that again!

I was pushing myself beyond my limitations and my physical body retaliated. I ended up with a case of Barr Epstein and Strep. I wondered why I was so exhausted all of the time. I was stressing myself out trying to accomplish all of the things I wanted to accomplish instead of just allowing things to flow naturally. Getting sick made me take a step back and get some much needed rest. My body gave me no choice but to take a break. In fact, I’m still recovering. I will not (according to doctors) be able to recover fully though.

My illness and flare-up caused permanent damage and I am now required to live with COPD. I am intent on sending it back where it came from though, or at the very least, getting it completely under control so I can continue to live an active life. A hard lesson learned.

When taking proper care of yourself Reiki can make a difference. It certainly does for me. But when I’m not paying attention to my needs and what my body is trying to tell me, there’s a price to pay. I somehow forgot about this. I took it for granted that I would continue to feel good no matter how hard I pushed. Wrong!

If you’re pushing too hard and you have an autoimmune issue (or not) it’s time to take a step back before you pay the price. Know what your limitations are. It’s absolutely in your best interest to take a rest when you need it. If it requires saying “no” to something or someone, then say “no”, without feeling guilty. Your health is the most important thing you have, make sure you keep it. If your health is already compromised then all the more reason to step back and take care of “you”.

There are several ways you can take care of yourself.

  1. Get plenty of rest
  2. Take the time to eat healthy meals
  3. Spend some quality “me” time (could be meditation, a walk in nature, or reading a book)
  4. Release the things that aren’t for your highest good (things you may have said “yes” to when you should have said “no”)
  5. Get some form of exercise
  6. Spend time with friends and family (not the toxic kind)
  7. Go get a massage
  8. Go get a Reiki treatment/ Chakra Balance
  9. Take a bubble bath once in a while
  10. Use essential oils to promote healing and relaxation

These are just a few recommendations. Your personal self-care is going to depend on your interests and what makes you feel good. Whatever de-stresses you is what’s going to work for you. Don’t wait for your body to retaliate, make sure you have balance in your life now.

If you have a specific illness ask your doctor if he/she has any information to help (although most western doctors won’t recommend any holistic healing methods). You can also do some research for yourself, just make sure you’re taking it from a reliable source.

Happy de-stressing!

Namaste’ 😁

~Annie 💗

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