Are you finding it difficult to keep your inner peace?

With everything going on today it can seem like a daunting task to keep ourselves in a state of inner peace and calm. If we turn on the T.V. we see violence, slander and hatred. The same thing happens when we get online and scroll through social media. We’re being bombarded with so much negative energy today, how do we overcome it and keep ourselves centered?

Reiki is the perfect way to get back to center. Those of us who practice Reiki every day realize this fact. And yet, we will put off taking our much needed time out. We don’t always take a time out when we need it, claiming that we don’t have the time. We have too much on our “to do” list, or we have too many commitments. So, we tell ourselves we’ll get to it later and put it off.

The problem with this is that we end up over-stressed because we haven’t taken a much-needed break. Combine that with an autoimmune disease, and you could end up with a whole lot of hurt. As someone that suffers from autoimmune issues, I’ve learned that lesson in the “school of hard knocks”. I used to push myself beyond my limitations until I realized, I wasn’t doing myself any favors. In fact, I caused myself more problems, more pain, and got a lot less accomplished.

These days I pace myself and I know when to say “I can’t do anymore, I need a break.” It’s hard at times, I think we all would like to accomplish more than we do, but we’ve got to be realistic and take care of ourselves so we can live a better quality life. Spending daily time in Reiki self-treatment and stopping in between to take a reiki time out when I need it, helps me tremendously. If I sense that I’m beginning to stress, taking that five minute (or even 2 min.) break to re-center is priceless. It actually keeps me healthier and functioning better in all areas of my life. And that’s what we all want, isn’t it?


I’m not saying Reiki is a miracle cure, but it sure is a major player in my health and well-being. Until I found Reiki, my autoimmune disease was constantly knocking me on my ass. I’d be down for days at a time. Reiki has eradicated that for me, for the most part. I’m still prone to having a bad day or two when I’m exposed to something my body doesn’t agree with. I do everything I can to ensure that that doesn’t happen, but this isn’t a perfect world. So, When it does happen, I look to Reiki for healing and inner peace.

Even if you don’t suffer from an autoimmune disease or chronic pain, the events going on around us are enough to drive any sane person completely insane. If we want to be a support to others during this troubling time, then we need to take proper care of ourselves, so that we’re in the right frame of mind and are able to do so.



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